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Frankenstein Tickets

  • The five-star monster hit, Frankenstein is back at the Battersea Arts Centre.

    Electrifying gig. Thrilling theatre. Tied together by tongue-twisting vocal gymnastics.

    Mary Shelley's original, reimagined with songs, soundscapes and sonic trickery. Experience the power of the human voice breathing life into monsters all around us. 

    Frankenstein will leave you asking:
    Who are the monsters we fear?
    Who created them?
    And how the hell did they just do that with their voices?!

    At the Battersea Arts Centre from 12 to 29 March 2019, book your Frankenstein tickets today!

    Please note: This event takes place in the Battersea Arts Centre's re-born Grand Hall.

  • Battersea Arts Centre

    Battersea Arts Centre,
    Lavender Hill,
    SW11 5TN

  • Full Seating Plan


    5 stars


    5 stars