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Normality Tickets

  • Normality is a satirical interrogation of corporate corruption and the fragility of our aspirations, conducted with quirky humour and real heart at The Other Palace. Featuring a coterie of cracking tunes delivered by a superb cast, this is a musical that deals with universal issues such as love, loss and loneliness in a disarmingly down to earth manner.  When prog-rock obsessed wannabe keyboard player and computer wunderkind Norman Goodman accidentally lands an IT job with a low-level City firm in London, his travails are just beginning. Tasked with designing an IT system to predict market trends, but finding himself embroiled in a Machiavellian financial scam, Norman is confronted with a life changing dilemma - who to trust, when all he holds dear is challenged in a morally bankrupt world?Writers Jules Kleiser and Nige Reid are songwriter/musicians. They’ve written critically acclaimed shows (The Tarantinos, Thrills, Pills and Backache) performed at the Riverside Studios, Almeida Theatre, and the Gilded Balloon and Pleasance Theatres over several Edinburgh Festivals. At The Other Palace for a limited run from from 13 September 2019 to 21 September 2019, witness the debut of this zestful, homegrown new musical, book your Normality tickets today!

  • The Other Palace (formerly St James Theatre)

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    The Other Palace (formerly St James Theatre) Seating Plan