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  • Following its critically acclaimed premiere in 2018, this coming of age story inspired by Dizzie Rascal's seminal album, for a limited run before going on tour, Poet in Da Corner returns to the Royal Court Jerwood Downstairs 

    A coming of age story inspired by Dizzie Rascal's seminal album.

    In a strict Mormon household somewhere in the seam between East London and Essex, a girl is given Dizzie Rascal's ground-breaking grime album Boy in Da Corner by her best friend SS Vyper.

    Precisely 57 minutes and 21 seconds later, her life begins to change - from feeling muted by dyslexia to spitting the power of her words; from being conflicted about her sexuality to finding the freedom to explore; from feeling alone to being given the greatest gift by her closest friend.

    In this semi-autobiographical piece, step into a technicolour world where music, dance and spoken work collide, and discover how grime allowed Debris Stevenson to redefine herself.  

    Debris Stevenson is a young poet, lyricist and dancer who has performed her unique work everywhere from BBC Radio 3's The Verb to London's Roundhouse.

    Directed by Ola Ince, freaturing grime MC Jammz, with music and composition by Michael 'Mikey J' Asante from hip-hop dance company Boy Blue.

    At Royal Court Jerwood Downstairs from 30 January 2020 to 22 February 2020, book your Poet in Da Corner tickets today!

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