Strange Interlude
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  • “Yes, our lives are merely strange dark interludes in the electrical display of God the Father!”

    Following a family from the aftermath of World War One until the late 1940s, Eugene O'Neill's audacious epic STRANGE INTERLUDE is one of the great masterpieces of American theatre.

    Shattered when the love of her life is killed in the war and haunted by their unconsummated passion, Nina escapes her jealous Ivy League father and embarks on a series of tawdry sexual escapades until, cajoled by her appalled, long-suffering suitor Charles, she marries the amiable young Sam. But while pregnant, Nina learns a horrifying secret that precipitates a desperate, life-changing decision and propels her fatally into the arms of another.

    Starring Anne-Marie Duff as Nina, whose last role at the National was Saint Joan. At the National's Lyttelton Theatre from 28 May until 12 August, book your STRANGE INTERLUDE tickets today!

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