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  • James Graham's critically acclaimed political drama This House plays at London's Garrick Theatre, following two sell-out seasons at the National Theatre and Chichester Festival Theatre.

    Is a political revolution coming? Will the Labour party collapse? Can the kingdom stay united?

    It's 1974. And Westminster is about to go to war with itself. Set in the engine rooms of the House of Commons, James Graham's This House dives deep into the secret world of the Whips who roll up their sleeves and go to often farcical lengths to influence an unruly chorus of MPs within the Mother of all Parliaments.

    In an era of chaos, both hilarious and shocking, fist fights break out in the parliamentary bars, high-stake tricks and games are played, while sick or dying MPs are carried through the lobby to register their crucial votes as the government hangs by a thread.

    Written by James Graham (The Vote, Privacy) and directed by Headlong Artistic Director Jeremy Herrin (People, Places and Things, Wolf Hall), This House premiered at the National Theatre in 2012 and gives a timely, moving and often amusing insight into the workings of British politics.

    At the Garrick Theatre until 25 February 2017, book This House tickets today!

    *Please note: Age recommendation 14+. 

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    5 stars
    'A landslide success'


    5 stars
    'A thrilling play that both relives history and transcends it'


    5 stars
    'Riveting and highly relevant' 'A stroke of genius'


    5 stars
    'Brilliantly witty'


    4 stars
    'The most intelligent, entertaining and informative political drama of this decade'


    4 stars
    'Dazzlingly intelligent, scrupulously well-researched and funny'


    4 stars
    'Welcome return of pertinent, witty political comedy set among warring Whips'